Camp Apohkochi
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Thank you!
We can't do this without the support of wonderful people like you.  
Your donation allows children to attend the camp at no cost to them or their guardians.  
Please send me an email if you need a receipt for your tax deductable donation.
If you like, you may specify where you want your donation applied (building, utilites, food and supplies, sponsor a child, etc..)
We need your help.

Our goal for 2021 is to get the new shelter for the RV / Cook Area.

This is essential to our camp.  The RV was repaired and servers as camp headquarters and kitchen.  90 percent of the cooking is done outside the RV with cookstoves and grills.  Without any cover, rain prevents us from making meals for the children.  The RV does not have a large enough stove to provide meals for more than 4 to 5 people.

Your generous donations are greatly appreciated and will help us reach our goal for the year... 

Thank you for helping us help others.
Mike and Geri

​If you wish to donate, please call or text Mike @ 817-504-1810.  They have increased the rate of online donations so much that it takes too much from the donations.  We need every penny of your donation to go to the kids.